Friday, February 18, 2011


I just baked made some more no-bake cookies.
There is no baking involved, duh.
Well today I made them for Brock's 21st birthday fiesta tonight!
I say that in my best sports announcer voice.
Yup, he is officially allowed to get drunk.
We are all so proud.
But anyway, it should be a lot of fun. I think the whole city of Eugene might have been invited. 
You best believe I am going to go crazy.
I'm planning on blacking out and waking up in a leotard at Chucky Cheese.
OH, and I'm wearing my sombrero and mustache. No one can stop me. 

I'm going to channel my inner Snooki 
You know we all have one.

And remember Bentely?
Yeah he's going to get his party on too. 
Kinda like this guy.

Maybe I'll tweet a little somethin-somethin to ya'll later when the party is hoppin.

¡Nos vemos en queso Chucky!


  1. Skee ball, tickets, plastic rings!!!! Sorry you said ChuckECheese and I couldn't help myself! :) Have a great time celebratin'!

  2. I LOVE no-bake cookies! I used to make them in college with my roommate all the time!

  3. oh snookie, haha :) good luck with that!!!

  4. thanks for finding my blog! I noticed you said you've always loved taco bell and always will. well hey girl. me too, me too. I can't get enough B crunchy tacos. ha:)

  5. Snookie.. LMAO. Happy birthday to Brock!

  6. What's up with snookie today? Just posted on someone else's blog that she was going to meet her and I wanted the run-down. lol. Weird. Anyway hope you had a fun time and that when you blacked out that it was not on top of the whack a mole machine. Just kidding.


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