Monday, February 28, 2011

Your average Monday

 Today I did a whole lot of nothing.
Really though, nothing to report.
I wanted to stay in to avoid the paparazzi for a day.
I hope that made me sound as cool as I thought it would.
So I have realized that it's been a while since I've done a Mortifying Monday post. 
It's not intentional, I promise. It just seems like I never have time to post on Mondays. 
Poor time management is to blame.
But I refuse to let you down any longer!

Mortifying Monday

When I'm at the blazer game and this guy in front of me is yelling so obnoxiously (and doing rave dances) that his girlfriend refuses to turn around and show her face in fear of being associated with him. When no one has walked into the store while I'm working for a half hour and the second I take a huge bite of my Subway sandwich, someone walks in. Try saying hello without looking disgusting, showing them the food in your mouth, or spraying crumbs everywhere. The dress Oprah wore at the Oscars. They say the camera adds ten pounds and I think it all went to her ta-tas. When you realize that wearing backpacks tends to hike up your skirts and wondering when/for how long people have been able to see your butt. Running from your car into the mall because it's pouring down rain. It's not until you get into a store with a mirror that you realize your mascara is all over your face. Coooool. Realizing there is no toilet paper in a public bathroom when it's too late. Oh, and this picture:

I'm just not sure why I did that.

I hope your Monday was not so mortifying


  1. this was beautifully amusing. thanks for sharing!

  2. i can't wait to see your vlog post! and this list of mortifying moments is so hilarious!


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