Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too tired to post anything worthwhile

 Hey hair, get on my head!

I've been wishing I had curly hair and/or blond hair lately.
Why? Probably just because it's what I don't have. Or have ever had.
I just think it would be fun.
Or maybe I just need to learn how to style it better.

I think it always ends up frizzy. 
More like I need frizzy to come into style. Let me know what that happens.
I just want something different.
Not hipster different, but more like a change.
Am I the only one who has difficult hair that doesn't want to hold a curl??

Anyway. Went on a house hunt today. Found something perfect. Perfect. PERFECT.
It already has an applicant. 
Story of my life.
We can't find a place to save our lives!
I am going to go buy a shed at Home Depot and plop it in a parking lot somewhere.
Home sweet home.


  1. i've always wanted curly hair or straight hair instead I've got something in between. It makes for great morning hair.

  2. I just found your super cute blog! my hair is always doing things that I don't want it to since it's kind of curly. But I have the same "frizzy" issue going on too! Definitely makes for fun hair in the rain right? :)


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