Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R.I.P. healthy compy

I drink energy drinks everyday.
Okay, I admit it. 
And I might as well drink liquid sugar because there is sooooo much in one can. It's ridiculous.
But at this point I am addicted, so cutting them out of my diet is not an option.
"Hi, I'm Olive, I am an energy drinkaholic and I look like I got hit by a train everyday I don't have one."
So my friend Cassie, who you can see here is awesome introduced me to this great energy drink.

This little pink Rockstar has no sugar and zero calories!
Ummmm, yes please!

I used to drink Nos a lot and those have like a million pounds of sugar i them.
No exaggeration. Okay maybe a little.

ALSO, this post would have been published YESTERDAY but my computer went on the FRITZ due to a bunch of VIRUSES that decided to infest my computer.
As you can see I have a lot of feelings about this.
I swear I didn't click on anything!!
So anyway, it is a good thing I have a brilliant brother who can fix my computer this weekend.
Or else I'd be screwed.
Hopefully no one stole my identity or anything like that.
That would not be convenient.

Otherwise, things are great here!
Brock and I got tickets to the Mariners game we wanted to go to this month.
So I get to run around Seattle for my first time ever!
Can't wait!

Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I don't know what season it is these days.
Don't judge me. YOU probably wore white after Labor Day.

So today I worked all day and then Brock and I had the best workout at the gym.
My calves are rocks. Rocks I tell you, rocks.
My body is doing it's best to recover.
But really you would be lucky to peel these legs off this wonderfully cushiony couch.
I'm not the only one enjoying the couch.
Duke is also completely conked out with his ears on his head.
I think I can see his brain in there.

Tomorrow I have the day off!! 
And so does Brock!
Can you say date day???
I'm going to hang out with my cute boyfriend!
Are you jealous?? You should be. But not too jealous. You should get your own cute boyfriend.
That's all for now.
What are you all doing tomorrow?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Instead of doing a Mortifying Monday post today, I thought I would do something a little more chipper today!
Why, you ask? 
Because I have a lot of things making me smile!
I can be positive sometimes, you know.
Here are a few things that are making me happy today:

1. The fact that we actually have couches in our apartment now
My tush has been longing for a place to relax.

Sorry this picture is so horrible. It's not even in focus.
I'm too lazy to take another picture.

Our apartment is finally coming together! Thank goodness!

2. This Spongebob picture that a 4 year old at my work gave to me and told me looked just like my boyfriend.
It's mostly awesome because I can see the resemblance haha 

Kids are so smart.
3. Cooperative eyelashes.
The last week and a half my eyelashes have been going craaaazy.
Today they decided to be nice.

See eyelashes, we can be friends.

4. The pictures I have been getting from Jodi and Chelsea in Palm Springs, reminding me that there is a such thing as the sun.

I was beginning to think it was some sort of urban legend.

5. The song "Sweet Child of Mine" that plays at my work. 
It reminds me of Step Brothers EVERY TIME.

6. This is my 100th post!
Gosh, it has gone by so fast!
I love blogging and I love getting to be a part of this special community.
Thanks for helping to make it fun for me :)

So anyway, it is a pretty good day. I have no complaints.
I hope your Monday is just as great!
What are you happy about today?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summer Closet

It seems like summer is so close, yet so far away.
I'm soo looking forward to the sunshine.
This rain is sucking out my soul.
Today I went to the gym for the third straight day
whoot whoot
I have been trying hard to make better food choices and actually drink water.
Turns out your body kinda needs it. Or something.
Hopefully I can continue to work out during the veeeery busy month of April.
There is so much going on! 
I have an appointment at the beauty school to arrange a start date. 
I have a doctor's appointment.
Routine checkup. You know how it goes.
I am going to see Wicked!!!!!!
I have plans to romp around Seattle and go to a Mariners game.
Oh, plus I have work.
Ohhhh wait, last but not least, a trip to Woodburn for some shopping. I'm most excited for the J Crew Outlet.
All of these outfits would be wonderful additions to my closet:

If only  I had an extra $1000.
A girl can dream!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cwazy cwazy

I slept like a rock last night. 
I woke up and barely knew where I was.
And now I'm sitting in bed thinking about how showering is the last thing I want to do.
Ever have those days?
But I have to go to work. 
Even though two of my very very very favorite people are on their way to Palm Springs today!
I'm so very happy for them.
And jealous. And sad I won't see them for like 387346 years!
After work I plan on getting a good workout in so I'll let you all know how it goes. 
Hopefully it goes well, but it always seems like the workouts after your first are harder. 
Also I am kinda being a baby today so that could be a factor.
And I'm going to get this post to publish at exactly 12:15
Just because I can.
Sorry I'm so boring today.
I think I'm a little delirious.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pumping iron

So after months of complaining and moaning about not working out, Brock encouraged me to get a gym membership again.
He is tired of hearing my whiny voice I think.
So this morning I got my little tush out of bed early in the morn' to go work out.
And I survived! And I feel better! 
I was going to take a picture while or after I worked out but both were too hideous to share. I hope you understand.
It wasn't the longest or hardest workout I've ever had
Give me a break people, I gotta ease myself in.
But I'm pretty sure I have abs already.
Since I got up so early I feel like I have already done so much today. 
I woke up.
I went to the gym.
I worked out.
I went home.
I showered.
Longest shower ever. Just because I could.
I got ready 
I had some breakfast. 
And now I'm blogging.
It's only 10:00am!
What a productive day.
Of course, if I had my way with things I would crawl back in bed and wake up again around 2. 
But, alas, I have work.
The good news is after work Brock and I are going out to dinner with my brother!
He is on Spring Break and wants to see his dear sister.
Actually it was more like, "Hey, I'm taking you to dinner and not at one of those stupid places you and Brock like, but REAL food."
Or something like that. Which is why I love him.

So I am off to start my work day.

Wishing you a productive Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunshine and swimsuits

Today, I am in denial.
I know it says that it's going to be 40 degrees today
And I know it says it's going to rain.
I believe that is it summer. 
Maybe if I try really hard and act like it is, then it will come early. Right?
So, I decided to wear bright colors today in honor of it basically kinda barely not even close being summer!

Aaaand, I have some super exciting news!!
Drum rolll.....
I'm going to Maui in September!
My aunt is having her wedding vows renewed and invited me. 
I decided to just do it, because when else is my whole family going to be on a beautiful island? 
Probably never.
So, I am starting to save and will have to start actually exercising to get this bod Maui ready!
I may or may not have bought two swimsuits already.
I also may have not told Brock that.
I love you pumpkin! ;)

My savings are a little meek as of now...
But I am going to be really good and save up for this amazing trip!

Olive's going to Maui, Olive's going to Maui....

So anyway, I think my Thursday is a pretty exciting one.
What are you excited about right now?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dance Dance

What. A. Weekend.

So many miles driven. So many girls under the age of ten. So many pugs.
I went to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in McMinnville.
So fun! So chaotic!
Here is a quick picture tutorial of our weekend which revolved around Mia, my youngest cousin turning 9 years old:
What the heck?? I remember when she was born. How can she be nine?

I curled Mia's gorgeous white-blond hair for her day out. 
She is so cute with the thumbs up/sad face.

Then we went to breakfast and then went to get manis and pedis.
I have never been so proud of my feet.

Next we went to the Cheesecake factory.
I dominated my pulled-pork sandwich. DOMINATED.

Then we went to Claire's for Mia to shop and for my aunt to GET HER EARS PIERCED! 
Yeah, I know right??? So cool.

When we got back to the house is when things get crazy. 
Oh, hello there millions of grade-school girls. You are crazy, and loud, and a little dramatic.
But also cute!
They pretty much played Dance Dance on the Wii the entire time. 
Most entertaining game to watch. Ever.

Basically it was an awesome weekend. After all that we drove to Washington to go to another family get-together which was also great.
So much family, so little time.
It was great but I found out that is sucks to start a week after a less-than restful weekend.
Plus, I have missed blogging so much!
Enough of this busy stuff, I need to start blogging every day again!
Sheeeeeesh Olive.
Hope your Monday was a happy one!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Once upon a time...

There was a girl named Olive.
She liked to blog. 
And eat Reeses Pieces. 
But that's neither here nor there.
One day, she got a new apartment!!
All of her blog friends were happy for her.
UNTIL that horrible day where Olive realized the new apartment was surrounded by people with security enabled internet.
Doesn't anyone trust anyone anymore?
So she didn't blog for ONE WEEK.

Guys, I'm tellin you, worst week of my life!
I hated not reading all your blogs and not writing about my little life.
But have no fear! 
Comcast man came and saved the day today.
So, I'm back :)
Since I have been gone, quite a few things have happened:
I loved into my new gorgeous apartment and I am in love with it.
Oh, did I mention I turned 20???
Yup, March 15th. 
Farewell teens, I feel like I'm too mature for you. It's not you, it's me. 

Brock's dad gave me this awesome cake that is part St. Patrick's day and part my birthday. What a great combo.
And I got a bunch of wonderful gifts! Including the sandals I wanted from a few posts ago!

And I got extensions!! Blond ones!

I give the best birthday myself.
It has been quite eventful.
On top of that, I am going to my aunt's in Portland tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays. 
Then up to some even more extended family's house for even more birthday celebration. 
Go shawty, it's yo birthday.
Soooo, bad news is I probably won't post this weekend :(
I'll try but I will probably be running around everywhere trying to catch up with my million cousins and such.
Two of which are engaged! Whaaaat??
Oh, and in case you were wondering, Brock's still as cute as ever.

Great to be back!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty bank; happy girl.

I'm need to take a huge, long, obnoxious sigh of relief. 
You wanna know why?
Because I officially have an apartment.
Remember how I was house hunting?
Well that wasn't fun at all because it was really hard to find a place that met all our requirements.
But we finally found one. Finally.
A beautiful apartment with a room of all windows and walk-in closets and hardwood floors. It is amazing.
There is an red accent wall, people. AN ACCENT WALL.
So I just about offered them my soul in exchange for the apartment.
I really wanted it, can you tell?
And now I couldn't be happier. 
We are starting to move things in tomorrow :)
The only thing that sucks is you have to drop a lot of dough to move into a place.
For all those who aren't in touch with the hip lingo, "dough" means "money."
It is daaaaaarn expensive. 
But I like to forget about that part.
 Here are some stock pictures of our place found on the website (real pictures to come once we are all moved in):

Home Sweet Home.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best F$%#ing Friends Forever

I will start off by acknowledging my last two posts had profanities in the title. 
I'm not sorry.
We are going to have a little blast from the past thanks to Tiffany Jensen.
Who is Tiffany, you ask?
Only my bff forever!
Best friend forever... forever?
Yeah she dug up these old photos of us when we were just babies.
And by babies I mean in elementary school.
So let us commence the explanation of my child-self....

Yup, that's me on the left.  
Don't mind Gina with the mouth full of food
I rocked that little haircut until half-way through middle school. 
Because I refused to brush my hair and long hair would have been a mess.
This was one of Tiffany's birthdays (in the middle) and clearly it was a hopping party.

 Did I mention my diet mostly consisted of Doritos?
I am savoring those darn Doritos.
And again, there is Tiff. 
We both still have awesome bangs. I still have no hair.


Oh, I may have forgotten to mention Tiffany and I thought we were boys until we were in high school.
Not literally people, jeeeez.
But look at us! That was my brother's sweatshirt. We both always wore our baggy jeans with worn knee marks.
And yes, I still have bangs...and no hair.
Also, I'm aware that Tiff has a creepy arm coming out of her back but I have no explanation.

And here we are in high school...

Despite all the distracting hair in this photo, I like to think it could be on some inspiring poster about teamwork or togetherness.

And here we are right before I left for California...

We're cute, I know.

So anyway, I wanted to say thanks to Tiffany Jensen for being my best friend even when I was a boy with a whole lot of bangs.
That's a true friend right there.
You are the best.

Who is your best friend? What makes them so great?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't let the bastards get you down

An interesting morning I have had.
A little disappointing, to say the least.
The job Brock had lined up fell through for a really ridiculous reason.
So now, he has waited for a job for three months that actually isn't going to happen.
We are in the middle of house hunting and trying to get stuff together, but this was an unexpected curve in our little plan.
I wasn't sure how I felt at first.
I mean, even when we heard about the initial problems I still kinda assumed he would get the job. He has worked there before, after all.
But sometimes life just doesn't work out that way.
A lesson I've learned a time or two.
But then I realized....

It doesn't even matter.
In the big scheme of things, this is only a small hitch in the long and awesome life that Brock and I have together.
We will still make it. We will figure it out. And we will probably be better for it.
Somehow I still feel lucky. 
He didn't get the job but I still get him.
Brock and I have always done things the unconventional way.
Oh, you want to move with me to California when we have been dating for less than a year and we will try to survive in a state we have never lived in miles away from anyone we know? Yeah, why not?
So this is just another time where we get to be creative.
No one ever said life was predictable.
So anyway, all this to say, I love you Brock, I'm sorry, and I am sooo glad I get to do life with you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Qi" is a word?

 I feel like I spent the whole day playing Words With Friends.
Nothing like ruining a seemingly productive day with Scrabble.
In all reality, I did work today. It was a great day. I even think I saw a little sun peak out from beneath the clouds.
A real success here in Oregon.

So today I went to NewTw!st and bought a bunch of stuff for my new house because they are having this huge annual sale.
I'm talkin massive. 50% off tags hanging around all willy-nilly. 
So I spent a good chunk of change and put it in the ever growing pile of "new house crap" in the garage.
Speaking of the new house, I think I found a great place for us!
It has just about everything we are looking for. We get to go see it on Saturday and I'm reeeeeally hoping they like us and want to let us move into their nice little home. 
Fo free. Just kidding. But really.
Only thing is I found it on Craigslist. And they put the cross streets but not the exact address.
It's like some sort of sick trick to keep me from finding out if it's worth my while or not.
So now I have to drive down the street real slow with my window cracked and squinty eyes to see if I can find it on my own.
THAT won't freak out the neighbors.

Oh, and on a side note, despite the pouring rain, freezing temperatures, and all around horrid weather, Spring is coming.
And my birthday is coming up.
On March 15th.
I knooooow you wanna get me something nice for the big 2-0.
So this will suffice:

Found at J. Crew

And that is all for now.
Goodbye, my friends.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too tired to post anything worthwhile

 Hey hair, get on my head!

I've been wishing I had curly hair and/or blond hair lately.
Why? Probably just because it's what I don't have. Or have ever had.
I just think it would be fun.
Or maybe I just need to learn how to style it better.

I think it always ends up frizzy. 
More like I need frizzy to come into style. Let me know what that happens.
I just want something different.
Not hipster different, but more like a change.
Am I the only one who has difficult hair that doesn't want to hold a curl??

Anyway. Went on a house hunt today. Found something perfect. Perfect. PERFECT.
It already has an applicant. 
Story of my life.
We can't find a place to save our lives!
I am going to go buy a shed at Home Depot and plop it in a parking lot somewhere.
Home sweet home.