Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't let the bastards get you down

An interesting morning I have had.
A little disappointing, to say the least.
The job Brock had lined up fell through for a really ridiculous reason.
So now, he has waited for a job for three months that actually isn't going to happen.
We are in the middle of house hunting and trying to get stuff together, but this was an unexpected curve in our little plan.
I wasn't sure how I felt at first.
I mean, even when we heard about the initial problems I still kinda assumed he would get the job. He has worked there before, after all.
But sometimes life just doesn't work out that way.
A lesson I've learned a time or two.
But then I realized....

It doesn't even matter.
In the big scheme of things, this is only a small hitch in the long and awesome life that Brock and I have together.
We will still make it. We will figure it out. And we will probably be better for it.
Somehow I still feel lucky. 
He didn't get the job but I still get him.
Brock and I have always done things the unconventional way.
Oh, you want to move with me to California when we have been dating for less than a year and we will try to survive in a state we have never lived in miles away from anyone we know? Yeah, why not?
So this is just another time where we get to be creative.
No one ever said life was predictable.
So anyway, all this to say, I love you Brock, I'm sorry, and I am sooo glad I get to do life with you.


  1. you guys have got this. :) don't let it get you down just like you said. it's a great learning and thinking experience.

    maybe a window will open up. ;)

  2. I love this post. You guys will be fine. :)

    PS. I'm sorry he didn't get the job though... boo.


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