Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Qi" is a word?

 I feel like I spent the whole day playing Words With Friends.
Nothing like ruining a seemingly productive day with Scrabble.
In all reality, I did work today. It was a great day. I even think I saw a little sun peak out from beneath the clouds.
A real success here in Oregon.

So today I went to NewTw!st and bought a bunch of stuff for my new house because they are having this huge annual sale.
I'm talkin massive. 50% off tags hanging around all willy-nilly. 
So I spent a good chunk of change and put it in the ever growing pile of "new house crap" in the garage.
Speaking of the new house, I think I found a great place for us!
It has just about everything we are looking for. We get to go see it on Saturday and I'm reeeeeally hoping they like us and want to let us move into their nice little home. 
Fo free. Just kidding. But really.
Only thing is I found it on Craigslist. And they put the cross streets but not the exact address.
It's like some sort of sick trick to keep me from finding out if it's worth my while or not.
So now I have to drive down the street real slow with my window cracked and squinty eyes to see if I can find it on my own.
THAT won't freak out the neighbors.

Oh, and on a side note, despite the pouring rain, freezing temperatures, and all around horrid weather, Spring is coming.
And my birthday is coming up.
On March 15th.
I knooooow you wanna get me something nice for the big 2-0.
So this will suffice:

Found at J. Crew

And that is all for now.
Goodbye, my friends.


  1. Crosswords/ Scrabble/ Scrabulous. I could waste my life away with those type of games.

  2. yes, i did know that qi is a word. :)

  3. What is your words with friends user name? Ive been addicted to this game for a while now.


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