Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty bank; happy girl.

I'm need to take a huge, long, obnoxious sigh of relief. 
You wanna know why?
Because I officially have an apartment.
Remember how I was house hunting?
Well that wasn't fun at all because it was really hard to find a place that met all our requirements.
But we finally found one. Finally.
A beautiful apartment with a room of all windows and walk-in closets and hardwood floors. It is amazing.
There is an red accent wall, people. AN ACCENT WALL.
So I just about offered them my soul in exchange for the apartment.
I really wanted it, can you tell?
And now I couldn't be happier. 
We are starting to move things in tomorrow :)
The only thing that sucks is you have to drop a lot of dough to move into a place.
For all those who aren't in touch with the hip lingo, "dough" means "money."
It is daaaaaarn expensive. 
But I like to forget about that part.
 Here are some stock pictures of our place found on the website (real pictures to come once we are all moved in):

Home Sweet Home.


  1. its beautiful.. it makes me sad because I really want to live on my own again.. cant wait to do the apartment shopping and buying of the accessories to make it the awesome place for me. I know for a fact I will not be living with anyone though.. :-(

  2. Congrats! It looks adorable! (Gotta love accent walls!) Do you live in Seattle? The outside view of the apartments look very similar to some there... :)

  3. Congrats!! the places is lovely!

  4. congratulations!! it's very nice!

  5. congratulations on your find! this is absolutely lovely.

  6. wow, congratulations!!! i admire your persistence in finding an apartment, finally it paid off! the interior looks lovely! hope you have a wonderful life in your new abode!!! :-)

  7. That is a lovely place! I am very jealous of your red accent wall...

  8. Your apartment looks lovely! Congrats!!

    PS - Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! So happy you commented so I could be led to your blog... love it!


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