Friday, March 25, 2011

Pumping iron

So after months of complaining and moaning about not working out, Brock encouraged me to get a gym membership again.
He is tired of hearing my whiny voice I think.
So this morning I got my little tush out of bed early in the morn' to go work out.
And I survived! And I feel better! 
I was going to take a picture while or after I worked out but both were too hideous to share. I hope you understand.
It wasn't the longest or hardest workout I've ever had
Give me a break people, I gotta ease myself in.
But I'm pretty sure I have abs already.
Since I got up so early I feel like I have already done so much today. 
I woke up.
I went to the gym.
I worked out.
I went home.
I showered.
Longest shower ever. Just because I could.
I got ready 
I had some breakfast. 
And now I'm blogging.
It's only 10:00am!
What a productive day.
Of course, if I had my way with things I would crawl back in bed and wake up again around 2. 
But, alas, I have work.
The good news is after work Brock and I are going out to dinner with my brother!
He is on Spring Break and wants to see his dear sister.
Actually it was more like, "Hey, I'm taking you to dinner and not at one of those stupid places you and Brock like, but REAL food."
Or something like that. Which is why I love him.

So I am off to start my work day.

Wishing you a productive Friday!


  1. you are too cute, skinny mini!

  2. Keep up the momentum!!!

    Love the shirt!!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Good to read you did some exercise! heheh I;ve doing pilates lately and I feel awesome.
    Thank you for you lovely comment.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I LOVE the curls! I wish I lived near you, then you could do my hair!
    ThankYou for stopping by my blog! :]


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