Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best F$%#ing Friends Forever

I will start off by acknowledging my last two posts had profanities in the title. 
I'm not sorry.
We are going to have a little blast from the past thanks to Tiffany Jensen.
Who is Tiffany, you ask?
Only my bff forever!
Best friend forever... forever?
Yeah she dug up these old photos of us when we were just babies.
And by babies I mean in elementary school.
So let us commence the explanation of my child-self....

Yup, that's me on the left.  
Don't mind Gina with the mouth full of food
I rocked that little haircut until half-way through middle school. 
Because I refused to brush my hair and long hair would have been a mess.
This was one of Tiffany's birthdays (in the middle) and clearly it was a hopping party.

 Did I mention my diet mostly consisted of Doritos?
I am savoring those darn Doritos.
And again, there is Tiff. 
We both still have awesome bangs. I still have no hair.


Oh, I may have forgotten to mention Tiffany and I thought we were boys until we were in high school.
Not literally people, jeeeez.
But look at us! That was my brother's sweatshirt. We both always wore our baggy jeans with worn knee marks.
And yes, I still have bangs...and no hair.
Also, I'm aware that Tiff has a creepy arm coming out of her back but I have no explanation.

And here we are in high school...

Despite all the distracting hair in this photo, I like to think it could be on some inspiring poster about teamwork or togetherness.

And here we are right before I left for California...

We're cute, I know.

So anyway, I wanted to say thanks to Tiffany Jensen for being my best friend even when I was a boy with a whole lot of bangs.
That's a true friend right there.
You are the best.

Who is your best friend? What makes them so great?


  1. thank you for stopping by my blog and for your concern about my health. I feel much much better now. you have an amazing blog. keep on. well... my best friend name is Sophie, we are friends since the 90s (a lifetime), like sisters. we rarely fight. she is the most understanding, supporting person in the world.

  2. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! you are so right... confidence is key :) i will be taking your advice! My best friend's name is Nora. She is awesome because she is there for me whether I am laughing or crying. true friend :) xo

  3. I love friends like that :)I think I might just wither away if I didn't have mine.

  4. Aww this post is fantastic! My best friend and I have been best friends since Kindergarten. She's moving to San Francisco and I haven't stopped crying :-(



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