Monday, November 29, 2010

Tonight my head is in the clouds
Don't you love the idea of love?
Not happy ever after, but reality with someone you love despite their faults
Giving your whole life to them, to love and to hold
in sickness and in health
anything and everything
getting into stupid fights over the dishes
then laughing about it later
knowing they are your best friend in the world and you can rely on them no matter what
being a team
and loving them for a lifetime with no reservations

Go shawty, it's your birthday!

Dear Tina,
Happy Birthday to you, where ever you are right now.
You might think that your friends forgot about you,
but that is not the case.
Though, I don't think they are very good friends because they don't know where your apartment is.
Do you know how I know that?
Because if they knew where your apartment was then they would have TPed YOUR apartment instead of mine.
I have your "Happy Birthday Tina" card here, if you want it.
Also, I don't think it should be my responsibility to clean this up.
I know it's your birthday and all but...I don't know anyone named Tina.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When did Sunday night happen?

4 day weekend = shortest break ever
I don't know where all the time went!
Okay, let's be honest....
I do know where it went...
I watched TONS of movies this weekend
I even watched some movies that I wouldn't normally watch

Between you and me, I'm not really a chick-flick type of girl

Also, I don't generally watch a ton of movies at once, but it just seemed right this weekend

Anyway, try not to be too embarrassed for me, I do have friends, I swear.

It's a huge list, I know.
Probably my favorite was Forrest Gump because it's a classic and it had been a while since I sat down and watched it all
plus I love the story

Forrest and Jenny
it's definitely a story of unconditional love

Welp, school starts again tomorrow
3 more weeks to power through until the end of the semester
There will be a lot of energy drinks, coffee, and late nights between now and then
Hopefully I'll survive.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No one wants their picture taken by a girl in Ugg boots

My roommate Rachel (who is really cute) took engagement pictures today for a couple she knows from back home
I may just post some of her pictures later when she is finished editing them to show off how great she is
But anyway, engagement pictures are always my favorite to look at
Especially the real engagement pictures where the guy just proposed and the girl is crying
Nothing like a good surprise engagement
and raw emotion
So anyway, I made 67 cookies today with Brock
They are really delicious.... like really
Then we went to Big Tree ParkWhich is the biggest tree ever
The roots are huge!
Also, Brock was extra cute today
I like the guy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

I did go shopping today.
It was great.
I got a few things but I didn't go as crazy as I would have expected.
What? What did you say?
You want to know what to get me for Christmas??
Okay okay I'll help you out...
Some things I am sorta obsessed with right now:
They are Steve Madden Roady boots
I LOVE them.
You can get them here
I'm a size 6 ;)

Or this sweater
I'm a grandma at heart
and I'm an XS

I love this eyeshadow from MAC
You could get this for me
It's a win-win because then you will get to see my eyes all nice and eye-shadowed up

If you want to get me something practical, well, here's a great idea:
I will be getting my own apartment this summer.
I need to have things to cook with/eat out ofThese are from Target and I think they're a great deal
You can find them here
It seems so mature to have your own pots and pans
You would be helping me become an adult!

Last, but not least....

I will need plates to eat the food I make with my pots and pans
These are also from Target

Well, there is my Christmas list.
I find it harder and harder to make one as I get older.
What do you want for Christmas?

Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall

You may or may not know that fall is here
If you are like me and are spending it in Southern California,
it doesn't look a whole lot like fall.

Oregon fall looks a lot like this:

In California, it looks more like this:

Now, I'm not complaining. Don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is I miss the vibrant colors of the leaves. I miss the crisp air on freezing days with blue sky. I miss the slight possibility of snow on clouded nights.
Oregon, I will see you at Christmas!
Can't wait :)