Sunday, November 28, 2010

When did Sunday night happen?

4 day weekend = shortest break ever
I don't know where all the time went!
Okay, let's be honest....
I do know where it went...
I watched TONS of movies this weekend
I even watched some movies that I wouldn't normally watch

Between you and me, I'm not really a chick-flick type of girl

Also, I don't generally watch a ton of movies at once, but it just seemed right this weekend

Anyway, try not to be too embarrassed for me, I do have friends, I swear.

It's a huge list, I know.
Probably my favorite was Forrest Gump because it's a classic and it had been a while since I sat down and watched it all
plus I love the story

Forrest and Jenny
it's definitely a story of unconditional love

Welp, school starts again tomorrow
3 more weeks to power through until the end of the semester
There will be a lot of energy drinks, coffee, and late nights between now and then
Hopefully I'll survive.

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