Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R.I.P. healthy compy

I drink energy drinks everyday.
Okay, I admit it. 
And I might as well drink liquid sugar because there is sooooo much in one can. It's ridiculous.
But at this point I am addicted, so cutting them out of my diet is not an option.
"Hi, I'm Olive, I am an energy drinkaholic and I look like I got hit by a train everyday I don't have one."
So my friend Cassie, who you can see here is awesome introduced me to this great energy drink.

This little pink Rockstar has no sugar and zero calories!
Ummmm, yes please!

I used to drink Nos a lot and those have like a million pounds of sugar i them.
No exaggeration. Okay maybe a little.

ALSO, this post would have been published YESTERDAY but my computer went on the FRITZ due to a bunch of VIRUSES that decided to infest my computer.
As you can see I have a lot of feelings about this.
I swear I didn't click on anything!!
So anyway, it is a good thing I have a brilliant brother who can fix my computer this weekend.
Or else I'd be screwed.
Hopefully no one stole my identity or anything like that.
That would not be convenient.

Otherwise, things are great here!
Brock and I got tickets to the Mariners game we wanted to go to this month.
So I get to run around Seattle for my first time ever!
Can't wait!

Happy Thursday :)


  1. hiii!

    I found your blog during my daily blogging search/reading.

    Your bog is super fun!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I very rarely drink energy drinks (because of the sugar lol and they don't do anything for me energy-wise) but when I do go for one, I'll be sure to keep te pink can in mind!


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