Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not an April Fool's Day Joke

Let me just give you a little recap of yesterday.

I slept in until my little heart's content.
And I think it was the first time my eyes opened all the way all week.

Then I got ready and went to the mall for some shopping because I got this Victoria's Secret giftcard that's only good for a few days.
So I go shopping by myself, what's it to ya?
Then I went home and had some lunch while I watched Dog the Bounty Hunter.
It's a guilty pleasure.
After that I went to a meeting at the beauty school to set up a start date and figure out if I would be able to work at the same time.

And it all worked out!
I start next month!
It is almost hard to believe but I'm super excited.

Next, Brock was done with work so we hung out and watched a little baseball on T.V.
Correction: He watched baseball. I half-slept because I had already exerted all my energy for the day.
Then we, being Brock, Jodi and I, went to Brock's brother Britton's high school baseball game and watched him hit two doubles like a champ.

Then Brock and I ended the day with a good workout and healthy dinner.
We are both trying so hard to get in shape and I'm so lucky I have him to encourage me.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.
How was your day?


  1. so hard to get in shape without your boyfriend/friend/grandmother/worst enemy on your back!
    i have to settle for my dad kicking my ass into gear

  2. That dress looks so good on you!
    Congrats on getting into beauty school! :)
    It's great that you're trying to get in shape and eat healthy. Power to you!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog girl! I love your dress!

  4. That dress is beautiful! I love it!!!

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. Thanks for your comment.
    Sounds like you had a great day.
    Lovely dress.


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