Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I don't know what season it is these days.
Don't judge me. YOU probably wore white after Labor Day.

So today I worked all day and then Brock and I had the best workout at the gym.
My calves are rocks. Rocks I tell you, rocks.
My body is doing it's best to recover.
But really you would be lucky to peel these legs off this wonderfully cushiony couch.
I'm not the only one enjoying the couch.
Duke is also completely conked out with his ears on his head.
I think I can see his brain in there.

Tomorrow I have the day off!! 
And so does Brock!
Can you say date day???
I'm going to hang out with my cute boyfriend!
Are you jealous?? You should be. But not too jealous. You should get your own cute boyfriend.
That's all for now.
What are you all doing tomorrow?


  1. That outfit is completely adorable, regardless of the season.

  2. I'm not jealous! I already have my cute husband haha ;-)
    Love your outfit!!
    It's cute!

  3. Well technically I think it is Spring...although here...it feels like summer...and there...it prob feels like winter!

    Tomorrow is my day off with my cute boyfriend too! =) And...no kiddos! Bonus!

  4. Cute outfit!

    Tomorrow I'm going to an acting lesson then coffee with some new friends.

  5. I wish it felt like summer here! The last few days there was actually sun. I almost has a heart attack, I couldn't believe it. Then the rain came back. Surprise surprise...

  6. This outfit is killer! I looove the sweater+scarf combo.


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