Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summer Closet

It seems like summer is so close, yet so far away.
I'm soo looking forward to the sunshine.
This rain is sucking out my soul.
Today I went to the gym for the third straight day
whoot whoot
I have been trying hard to make better food choices and actually drink water.
Turns out your body kinda needs it. Or something.
Hopefully I can continue to work out during the veeeery busy month of April.
There is so much going on! 
I have an appointment at the beauty school to arrange a start date. 
I have a doctor's appointment.
Routine checkup. You know how it goes.
I am going to see Wicked!!!!!!
I have plans to romp around Seattle and go to a Mariners game.
Oh, plus I have work.
Ohhhh wait, last but not least, a trip to Woodburn for some shopping. I'm most excited for the J Crew Outlet.
All of these outfits would be wonderful additions to my closet:

If only  I had an extra $1000.
A girl can dream!


  1. thanks for commenting girl! your blog is so cute. i can't wait for summer, and i'm so jealous that you get to see wicked! i have still yet to see it. <3

  2. hey girl good for you working out three days in a row. that's something to celebrate! i know i would be celebrating with some double stuffed oreos or something.

  3. so you can definitely probably get knock off styles like these at a Goodwill or something. of course, it's not as legit i suppose.


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