Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snip Snip

I can't wait to get my hair cut.

It is so blah right now.
I need some pizazz.

Something to inspire me to actually style it and be cute.
I think I will cut my grown out bangs back into side bangs.
But somehow I feel like I always regret that.
I wish I could cut my hair short, but then I look like I'm 11 years old.
Not in a cute way. But in a waitress-gives-me-the-kids-menu-at-restaurants kind of way.

I want all of these hairstyles. At the same time.

 I love her color and the fact that she has this amazing up do that is soft and delicate instead of harsh on her features. 
I guess that is easy to accomplish when you are that pretty.

Great side bangs. 
And teeth, by the way.

I have never had straight across bangs.  
They scare me. 
I'm too afraid they wouldn't look good on me. They are kinda hard to hide.

 More fabulous side bangs.  
Maybe if I just had a stylist that did my hair everyday then mine could look like this too.

Aaaand, the short hair I secretly long for.  
But I know I will be so upset once I cut it because I will realize I can't do that many things with it. 
But a girl can dream.
Whose hair do you love?
I need some more inspiration!


  1. Everyone woman have short hair, just once in her life. Be brave! I vote short hair!

  2. I vote whatever will make you feel amazing!
    The hair I wish I had--Victoria's Secret model hair! *sigh* hair envy!
    My hair doesn't do a darn's too kinky to be straight and it can't hold a curl to save it's life!

  3. Sweetie, you would look beautiful in any style. Even bald. Hmmm... Love you, Mimi

  4. I talked to a stylist at my salon who said that short may not work well with my face shape. At least not above the shoulder short. I may just layer it up and see what happens. Pictures will come tomorrow :) thanks for the suggestions it was encouraging!


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