Monday, February 14, 2011

Brief is life but love is long

Happy Valentines Day!!
I know, I know, it's not everyone's favorite holiday.
But, why not celebrate a day of love, even if you don't have a special someone?
I happen to love it. Duh, it's the only holiday where guys totally have to get girls stuff and girls totally don't have to get guys anything. I like to think of it as a second birthday.
Brock got me some awesome presents. Including the flower and vase decoration I really wanted for my apartment. So I officially have my first decoration! Whoot! Plus it's just great because that means Brock listens to me when I babble on about things that I want in stores. 

Remember when I talked about the necklaces at Newtw!st? I totally did. Right here.  AND I put up a picture of this one. AND I love it. AND Brock got it for me

I basically scored.
I made Brock some mac and cheese from scratch.
The man loves his mac and cheese.
He is so cute. And I love him. I wish I could tell you all the reasons why I love him but there just wouldn't be enough space and you would all puke from the cuteness of my sappy words. Just know that he means the world to me and I'm lucky to have him in my life.
I love you Mr. Ricka Ricka Rants! 
(Brock, in case you were confused)

 Here are a couple other things you might enjoy from the last couple days. 
I realized that I was being haunted by the devil.  
Not really, but you have to admit, all signs point to yes.
Exhibit A: My car milage.

Exhibit B: Brock was possessed. I didn't realize it until I took this picture.

So anyway, it's been interesting. 
I know I have been going on and on and on forever but I have to comment on the Grammy's real quick.
The best way I can sum it up is by a tweet that I read from Vinny off Jersey Shore:

"Cee-lo Green laid the egg that Lady Gaga came out of."

Yes, yes I think he did.


Hope you had wonderful V-day, friends!

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