Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ring by Spring?

Okay, so the joke at APU the school I went to in Cali is that every girl is looking for a "ring by spring."
Seriously though, I think some girls come to school for the sole purpose of finding their husbands
the education is just an added expensive bonus.
I think it's pretty ridiculous, but then again, I came into college already having a boyfriend.
But, in any case, I don't believe love is something you can look for. You never find it. It finds you. 
You can waste many heartbreaking hours searching for love but it usually ends with people lowering their standards because they are so eager for a relationship that works.
Man, this is not at all where I was going with this blog.
What I was really meaning to talk about is the fact that I love love! No I didn't accidentally double that word, I really do love love.
And I especially love weddings.
But not rings by spring. Just to be clear.
I recently looked at the new J Crew magazine and it blew my mind as always.
One thing I saw that I didn't know, is they make wedding dresses!
How did I never know that??
Here are a few that I love found here on the J Crew website.

Ummm... hello?
These are gorgeous.
You know why I have weddings on the brain? Besides the million people who are asking me when I'm getting married
When I first discovered it I was like, this is cool.
Then I obsessed over it for 43645645 hours.
You know why?
Every picture is gorgeous.
Every location is amazing.
Every idea is perfect.


Yup, so that is what I'm in love with right now.
What is your current obsession?


  1. i'm obsessed with looking at photography blogs that do lots of weddings. Also, my college has the same idea of "ring by spring." I, too, hate it. Of course, I don't have a boyfriend so it's probably just the bitterness talking. ;)


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