Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Go Go

 I have been a busy girl. I think that's why right now I feel like I got kicked in the head by a horse. headache. 
First thing I have been doing: WORKING. duhhhhhhhh
This is Face it!
It is a salon and cosmetic boutique. And I work here now. So far I love it. I already feel like I have learned a lot but there is also a whole ton of things I need to learn. And I already know I am going to spend my whole first paycheck on the makeup we sell because it's great. 

Next, I went out with Brock in search of Bawls. It's not as inappropriate as it sounds. Remember when I told you that I used to hate energy drinks? Look, I really did tell you. Well this is the first energy drink that I had and liked. Then I just went nuts and started drinking all kinds of energy drinks everyday while I was in California. Everyday. My roommates could vouch for that.

Then Genii (Lenny), one of my best friends came to visit from Corvallis. We played some Catch Phrase against the boys and the final score was- Girls: 3 Boys: 0 suckers. Then we went to Voodoo Donuts, where there are tons of crazy donuts like the maple bar with bacon and many of them are quite inappropriate. It was great. Not to mention delicious. They also have some great merchandise, my personal favorite being the bumper sticker that says "I got VD in Eugene." Classic.

We then took these donuts to Dough Co. where we got ourselves some calzones. Calzones, people! I just want to take this time to point out that Brock and I attempted to go to Dough Co. the last three days and succeeded twice. We are practically regulars now. There were some college students there who were on some unknown substances which made for great people watching.

 Isn't my boyfriend so cute??

 Plus, I just like Genii so it was fun to have her here.

THEN what, did you think it was over?
Today I went to the Nike Employee Store because Brock's parents gave us passes for Christmas.
And I bought a lot of good stuff. 
Brock went nuts too and between the two of us we got a nice load of stuff. Unfortunately I didn't spot any celebrities or athletes. Just an Asian with a tiger calf tattoo.


We were all practically ravenous after driving to Portland and shopping for two hours, so we headed over to the Thirsty Lion. Which Brock kept calling the Hungry Hippo. I'm still not sure if it was on purpose. And we had some delicious meals.

 It has been a great last few days nah, week. And now, I am laying in bed, blogging. I don't think I could be more content! I have my first long day at work tomorrow so I am looking forward to a great night sleep.
What are you looking forward to?


  1. You have such an adorable blog and way of expressing yourself! Your work seems like a fun place. Glad you had a great week!

  2. bawls is the best. only energy drink i've ever liked.
    but now i can never find it here in ga because the only gas station that sold it closed.


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