Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends from afar

Today, two worlds collided.
My roommates from southern California come to visit me at my home in Oregon.
Talk about two different worlds.
From the sun to the rain.
Cal to... Oreg? (I guess you can't shorten it)
So anyway, two of the three came.
Here they are:

Gina came today, and she's the ridiculously tan one on the far left. Rachel came too, she has the cute bangs on the far right. Natty Nat Nattery.... Natalie is in the pink. She lives in southern California and she has work and whatnot so she was a busy bee. Hopefully I will see her sometime soon.

Rachel is a crafty lady and made me this book for Christmas.
Um, yeah, if you didn't hear right, she made me a book for Christmas.

Here is my favorite page. It involves a montage of people getting squished by other people

Does that happen often in other places?

I'm not claiming we are normal, I'm just telling you the facts.

Notice: the majority of the time I am the one being squished.

(sorry the pictures aren't very great but the pages are so shiny)

Talk about a good friend! She is so sweet.
Even Bentley took the time to enjoy it.
Shortly after he slipped into a sleep that resembled a coma.
And snored. Loud.

Yesterday I went to Corvallis AKA Corvegis to see a bunch of different people.
In the span of a few days I have seen almost all of my best friends.
Aaaaand, I have started the job hunt.
My resume has been dusted off and is shining like the star that it is.
I am not even sure where I want to work.
I would love to work in a professional setting.
Much like the last job I had.
But I will settle for a job where I get tips if I have to.
I can't wait to actually have my degree and start my career
that is if i can get a job
darn economy

Watch out jobs, I'm coming after you.


  1. Good luck with the job hunt! I hope you find the perfect job for you =)


  2. Thanks! It is a struggle, can't someone just pay me to blog? ;)

  3. I'm job hunting as well! In South Carolina. I had to quit my job where I got tips, because I failed to get good tips. And now I'm screwed because nobody is hiring.
    But on a better note, maybe things are different in Oregon! :p good luck!


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