Sunday, January 2, 2011

Go see Mi Ma!

I was thinking yesterday...
I have no way of knowing who looks at my blog.
Which is a little strange.

I know some friends of mine read it (or at least they say they do)
But really, anyone could.

I could have complete strangers reading what I write everyday.
I actually like the thought of that.
That maybe someone who doesn't know me might still find my life interesting.

I know there are tons of blogs that I read

But I don't necessarily push the little "follow" button for all of them.

They don't know I read it.

I think I would be really excited if a stranger decided to follow me.

Which leads me to my conclusion that I should publicly follow all the blogs that I look at.

I'm sure it makes the blogger happy too.

In other news,
He might just be the cutest dog ever.

We are tight.
It's no biggie.

(but it is)

Tonight, I am off to have dinner with the boys in my life.
The boyfriend, the father, the brother and the godfather.
It should be a good time.
We will be "eating up and swapping stories" as my dad says.
I may have a good one or two to share with you all tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

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