Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mush Mush

Forgive me, I need to brag a little.
What about, you ask?
Well, it's about a boy.
THE boy.
The one I love.

As you may know, we have been dating for over two years. Officially the longest relationship I have ever had! And let me tell you, it has been something else.
At first, I thought I was so lucky to get to spend time with him the year before I left for college. In the back of my mind knowing and dreading the fact that I was leaving and our little fling would come to an end. BUT. Little did I know I was dating someone who was willing to drop everything and move states to be with me.
Move states.
So, we did. Off to California we went to learn, grow, and experience life on our own together.
I have learned some important lessons:

Letting something go instead of holding a grudge feels better.
Being in a relationship has to be about THEM not YOU.
Everything should be done as a team. Everything.
Do and say things away from your partner only what you would do and say in front of them.
You have to trust. What's the point of a relationship without it?
You need confidence.
If you are always competing, you are never united.
Giving time = showing love.
You can't say "I love you" enough.

Of course, there are still a ton of things I have to learn. I'm definitely aware of that. I will probably be learning how to be a good girlfriend/wife until the day I die.
But I'm okay with that, because it's all about growing together.
And, you know what?
It's fun.

And that's how it should be.
For everyone!
If I could have my own billboard it would read as follows:
Dress for the job you want to have.
Date the person you want to be.

Being a part of such a mature and loving relationship makes me want that for all girls. Especially my close friends. I feel like I am always rooting for girls I know and meet to find someone that is worth their time. But girls, have faith! There are some great guys out there. Scouts honor.
Unfortunately for you all, there is one less on the market because I stole him

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