Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boxers or Briefs?

New year's eve was a blast.
I hung out with Genii and Kevan (her boyfriend from Newport)

aaaand had a lot of fun.

First, we went to Red Robin.

It was a short wait, and our food was delicious.

Our table was right by the door which made it cold and loud, but our waitress, Alli Joy, made up for it. She was a peach.

And I found out I love very berry raspberry limeades, or whatever ridiculous name they call them. Why do they make names like that?
You never want to say them out loud and sound like an idiot.


We went to Genii's brother's house.
His name is Nick Wing.
Some of her extended family was there and we played games the rest of the night.

Girls dominated
Catchphrase (naturally)
And we played this game called
Boxers or Briefs, which is basically a more in-depth version of Apples to Apples.
So fun.
And so inappropriate.

Which is always a good combo.

I had so much fun.
I ate/drank way too many sweets and I laughed....a lot.
Also, I had an awesome new year's kiss

from my awesome boyfriend

2010 was spent in California.
This new year will be in Oregon.

Bring it on.

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