Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is a month until my birthday.
It is pretty much a month until my birthday.
Close to a month.
Okay okay, it's like a lot of days until my birthday
50 to be exact.
BUT I'm going to turn 20 years old!
Goodbye teens and hello twenties.
So, since my birthday is really far away so close, I think I can get myself an early birthday gift, right?
I mean, it's like a rite of passage when you turn 20.
I think I deserve a sophisticated gift that tells people "Hello there, I am an adult, not a teen. You can tell because I have this."
"This" being THIS:

This beautiful, marvelous, stunning little thing.
Which can be found here.
I am lusting.
Get on my wrist, please.
And stay a while. like forever.
If you want, you can get one and send it to me because you feel like donating to a good cause:

Olive's Bare Wrist Association  (OBWA)
"We will never let a wrist go bare again."

Did you know EVERY SINGLE Olivia Juliann Crabtree DOES NOT have this watch??
I thought it was a shocking statistic too.
Let's put a stop to this corruption and abomination.
Every donation helps, people.


  1. I love that watch! I have a sorta similar one from fossil. It's a more casual version, with a resin band instead of leather. It's this one: I love white watches!

  2. Absolutely Hot.Can we have a merger?Olive and Sweta's Bare Wrist Association.the numbers parallel to the Swetas' are sad too :(


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