Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pocket full of sunshine

 Here is what I have been missing the last few days....

What's not to miss?
The sun. The hot sand. Bikinis. Surf boards. Sandy towels. Flip flops. Frisbee. Did I mention the sun?
As much as I love Oregon
and I definitely missed it while I was in Cali
I am missing the beach and the weather down south.
It just makes me excited for summer.
It seems like everything good happens in those few months where the sun breaks through the evil evil cage of clouds that cause my pastey white skin.
I look like a bicycle reflector. Not in a good way.
I can't wait to lay out and get tan and actually be able to do things out-doors!
Plus it just puts me in an overall better mood when I get a glimpse of the sun every now and again
seasonal depression, anyone?
Because I gotta pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine
I am getting delirious.

Besides summer, here are some other things I am excited for:

1. New car new car new car new car!
2. Another tattoo??
shhhhhhh ;)
3. Living in Portland
4. as an extension of #3, decorating my apartment
5. Getting a job. Finally.
6. Dinner with Grandpa and Mimi
7. Going to the Nike Employee store next weekend
8. Season 4 of Madmen. When does that come out????
9. Getting my package in the mail from my giveaway!
10. My new shoes that I bought on impulse. Oops.

What are you excited for?


  1. haha love your blog :D I just lost one of my teaching jobs,pfft and I'm looking forward to a new one!And a tattoo.And healing my piercings haha.Damn nose I pierced it thrice :P

  2. Thank you! I had my nose pierced too! I miss it sooo much but I had to take it out when I worked at Starbucks. Booo. I'll be sure to post pictures if I get my new tat soon :)


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