Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If you have never heard of it, this might just be a great day for you.
Talk about an amazing store.
I have a few pieces of jewelry from here and I love each and every one of them. 
The store has cases of jewelry divided by the specific designer. Each designer is unique in their own way, and everything is made out of only the best material. 
Here are a few things I love:
Mother of Pearl Ring
Square Lapis Ring

Life Necklace
"Let your life become."

Silver Wishbone Necklace
Personal fav!

Fearless Slate Necklace

Paisley Elephant Necklace

WARNING: if you spend too much time looking at this website, you might drop a goof chunk of change.  
But is that such a bad thing?
I never used to wear big rings but NewTwist has such great things that I can't help but love them. 
These are the ones I have now. Both gifts from the wonderful  Jodi Auxier.

 Go people, get yourselves some jewelry.

For an update on my job hunt, I applied to 90469857698374 places today. No exaggeration. Okay, maybe a little.
But it seemed like that many.
I hope I have a job or at least a few interviews by the end of this week.
Then maybe when I get an apartment this summer I will be able to afford furniture.

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