Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A try and a fail

Ok, before I start this, there needs to be a little disclaimer.
Anyone who is close to me will know that I know little to nothing about pop culture.
I'm not hip. I'm not with it. I can never remember anything.
This last year I had a subscription to PEOPLE magazine. A little embarrassing? Maybe.
So, it still stands that I don't know a whole lot. Still though, I am going to attempt to talk about pop culture, because this topic is actually something I happen to enjoy: love.

Hold the train. Did I say love?
I think what I meant was what was once love.
Now it is just a picture in the tabloids.
You know those celebrity couples that you love to love? They have this special bond or they met in a cute way, or they just make a smoking hot couple and you hope they reproduce so that there are more smoking hot people in the world. I think those are all the categories, right? I love those couples! I even try not to read about them too much in the magazines because I feel like I am giving them privacy. That's how much I respect them! How irrational is that??
Well, some of my favorite couples called it kaputz this year!
Can't you people just stay together and give hope to the rest of us?
Anyway, here is my list of couples that should still be couples....but aren't.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
You met doing High School Musical when your careers were just beginning to bud. That is adorable! Plus, this is just one of those they-are-both-so-gorgeous -and-in-love-that-the-world-both -loves-and-hates-them-type-of-couples. You know what I mean?

Shia LeBeouf and Carey Mulligan
She rocks that little pixie haircut like it's no one's business. And I think the whole world is in love with Shia ever since Transformers happened. They are so classy together.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson
You have been married for three years or something like that! Why call it quits now? Most every girl is in love with Ryan and most every guy is in love with Scarlett. It just seems right that they would be together.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy
Another long term relationship gone bad. 5 years together. She is just gorgeous and he is hilarious. I feel like I would probably click well with both of them. Like, they would be my double date go-to couple. But no. No double dates in our future now.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock
They came into the place that I worked once! In Eugene, Oregon! To get pizza! As you can see that is exciting to me. They were one of those couples that stayed out of the media and seemed as if they had it figured out.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift
WHO SAW THIS COMING?!?? Okay okay okay, this one is a joke. We all knew this wouldn't last long, but Taylor will probably come out with a great song as a result, so it's a win-win.

So anyway, I hope that everyone out there is having more luck with their romances.
I have high hopes that 2011 is a year for love.
If not, we can always just listen to TaySwift and have a good cry.


  1. Hahah I love this!
    I shamelessly love me some celebrity gossip!
    And yes, listening to tayswift and having a good cry is always a possibility!
    love your blog!! so awesome!

  2. Thanks :) Sometimes I really can't help myself haha, I get sucked in!


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