Monday, January 10, 2011

Replace my wardrobe, please?

 I was flipping through Vogue today. 
Bad idea for someone on my budget
There are a few things I realized:
1.) I have no understanding about how fashion works or why designers make certain styles. None whatsoever.
2.) I want to wear some of the awesome styles.
3.) I can't wear any of the awesome styles.
      * I am 5'1" and I live in Oregon. Therefore no one would know the different between Armani and American Eagle.
4.) One of their outfits costs more than my whole closet. 

So anyway, I continue to dream.
It would just be awesome to strut around in these clothes, even if it was just for a day.
I guess I gotta marry rich if I'm going to get away with wearing things like this and afford them, but here is just a glance:


This last one is my favorite.
You can find all the collections here, in case you want to daydream about expensive clothes with me.

Since I am an Oregonian and I live in Eugene, I have to give a shout out to the Ducks.
They are playing in the BCS National Championship today, which is pretty amazing. As a side note, do not call the National Championship the "Natty," it's just embarrassing.
 Go Ducks!

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  1. I love the fact that you mention how no one in Oregon would know the difference between Armani and American Eagle. I live in Arkansas, and I have to say, that's pretty much how things are here as well. *sigh*


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