Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 IIIIII Olivia Juliann Crabtree just came back from an interview. 
The interview that I spoke of before.
This is the outfit of a girl who is going to go rock an interview:

 And this is the face of a girl who is confident in her ability to knock that interview out of the park
at least that's what I told myself

And here is a cute boy who gave this confident girl a pep-talk to make her even more confident.

So, in case you didn't pick it up, I had an interview today.
At Face It!
What is Face It! you ask? And why is there an exclamation point in the name?
Well, my friends, that is because they are great, so they can.
You can check out the website here.
Seriously, you should. Trust me. Have I ever led you astray?
Go ahead, make yourself an appointment, girl.
Goodness knows all us Oregonians could use a spray tan or two.
I love everyone who works there, and I'm not just saying that because both the owners read my blog cough cough Jodi and Paula cough cough
I actually mean it. 
And you know what? 
I'm going to go watch the Office now.
And celebrate.... I don't know. Celebrate something.
Celebrate that today is a nice day.
And whether or not I get the job, I'm a happy girl.
But you can still wish me luck ;)

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