Sunday, January 9, 2011

One of those days

The last two days involved little no sleep whatsoever.
I am in a bit of a daze. You know, the kind where you realize you have been staring at the wall for ten minutes. 
So, since I am in a state that makes for great daydreaming, 
I'll tell you all about my top 10 guilty pleasures.
In no particular order, of course:

1. Puzzles exclamation point exclamation point
I get sucked in.  To the point where I can actually tune out all the noise around me which usually involved the people trying to talk to me. I am working on one of some nice tropic place right now. And yes, I know I am an old lady.

2. Ghirardelli chocolate squares
220 calories. 24 grams of sugar. Need I say more? 

3. Sims
Look people, if you have never played it, you can't judge. I'm on my close to millionth generation, which all started with my original sim: Freegan Oprah. What did you say? You have the xbox 360 version that you want to send to me? How sweet of you :)

4. Scary movies
I like when my heart starts racing and I don't know what is going to happen next. I love laughing at myself when I am jumpy for the rest of the night. And I love squeezing Brock during the extra scary parts.

5. 1990s country music
Garth Brooks. Martina McBride. Kenny Chesney. Toby Keith. Tim McGraw. Faith Hill. Black Hawk. Jamie O'Neal. Jo Dee Messina. You know, back when artists had to be able to sing to be famous. You know who you are.

6. Energy drinks
I use to HATE energy drinks. I had never even tried them. I think I saw one too many guys in Monster shirts and beat up trucks reving their engines. Oh you thought I might be attracted to that? Zach Galifianakis is more attractive. Significantly.

7. Taco Bell
I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have a feeling that some of you are in the same boat. I have spent a good amount of time avoiding finding out how bad Taco Bell is for me. Don't you dare take that success away from me!

8. People Magazine.
There are no redeeming values in these pages of celebrities and gossip. I started out getting a copy every now and again to laugh at the articles and also to laugh at the people who get suckered into reading it every issue. Then I realize, oh my God, I'm that sucker.

9. Truly Madly Deeply -by Savage Garden
If you have never heard of it. Go listen to it here. Now. Seriously. If you have heard it, listen to it anyway. Try and tell me your day isn't better afterward. 

10. Mario Cart
Nintendo 64 all the way. I will mess up your whole run with my banana peel. And I won't even feel bad.

So, there you have it. A few things that brighten my day. 
What are your guilty pleasures?
What can't you live without?

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  1. oh my goodness!!! Sims 3= Love!!! What expansion packs do you have?
    And Truly Madly Deeply is an incredible song!!


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