Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nyquil is a girl's best friend.

Here is what the last two days have been like for me...

Sometimes they overlap.
Most times, actually.

I am a sick pear. Yes you heard me, sick pear.

P.S. this picture is from a million years ago and I look like a baby.

Even though I have spent my days in a nest of blankets and pillows that I created, I managed to get out of the house for a little salon action.
I got feathers in my hair.
I got feathers on my head, but don't call me a feather head.
Annnnnd I love it.
I have been wanting to put blond back in my hair (which I had for a long time) but since I am currently job hunting, I thought it wasn't the best idea.
So, I went for something less permanent yet still a lot of fun.

 It is connected at the root with this little staple-like thing and it can be removed really easily.
BUT it lasts for 4 months!
ANNNND you can straighten it and curl it.

 Also, I just have to show you Brock because he got a haircut and he looks like a little cutie
as usual.

 Did I mention he is the best? Ever. EVER. He has seriously taken care of me since I've been sick. He is so understanding and doesn't even care that I am sooooo not cute at all. In fact, he keeps telling me how cute I am.
Did a running, red nose and raspy voice recently become cute? Not to mention I can't inhale through my nose so I'm a little mouth breather. Not cute, people.
So anyway, I'm a lucky girl.
Also, I have been online shopping a lot lately. It's a very dangerous thing, let me tell you.
I found this website called Ruche through this blog.
This is the bad thing about blogging. Every blog leads me to new websites where I spend money. Did I mention I don't have a job?
I want all of these things. And everything on the website.
Seriously, all of it. 

I'm sick, so I can shop, right?

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