Thursday, December 30, 2010

All my friends are dead

Yesterday Brock and I went to
The place I will soon live.
I love the city.
It is so diverse.
I loved living in Orange County the last year and a half,
but I am so excited for this new change.
New change for a new year, seems fitting, right?

I also found a book at Urban Outfitters (Do I shop there too much? Maybe.)
Not just any book.
THE book.
The book that will sit on my coffee table.
One worth displaying:
When you come to my new apartment in Portland, Oregon, you will see this book sitting in my well-furnished living room.
I am so excited for all the new changes in my life.
I discovered recently how much I love change.

A new place.

New people.

A fresh start.

A new perspective.

I love it all.

In other news, Brock and I decided to start getting into shape.
My diet of pizza and candy from Christmas is not doing great things for my figure,
and my hips don't lie.
Soooo, we went running today.
And survived (barely).
And we bought an ab workout dvd
Which I hope is as good as Abs of Steel with Tammy Lee, but I am skeptical.

In a few weeks, hopefully we will be fit and healthy.

What is your goal for the new year?
How will this year be different?


  1. I would love to answer you closing questions, but New Years don't always seem to line up on new years. I'll tell you in six months.

    Things sound like they're going to be so good. Let me know what neighborhood you find yourself in, but no matter what find your way to the Rigoberto's at 15855 Southeast McLoughlin in Milwaukie. Just get on 99e and go south from almost anywhere, it's on the right by the goodyear.


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