Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At Christmas, all roads lead home.

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I came to a realization today.
It came me to as I was dressing up for my SGA Christmas party

This Christmas is different for me.
I have always had mixed feelings about Christmas. I never knew exactly how I felt because I had so many different emotions. Some people love Christmas because they get gifts. I have never been into that and it kinda makes me uncomfortable when people give me things.
(I'm trying to become a better gift-receiver).

Some people love it because they get to give people things. Money has always been tight in my family growing up, so even when I had money of my own, I used it for things I
needed. I usually made cards or baked cookies for people. I liked that but I always felt like I shouldn't have to have a special day to just to give people things. So then I always felt guilty because I don't do it more often. Some people love Christmas because they get to see their family. I love a lot of people in my family, but for most of my life holidays meant I was stressed out and felt like I had to take care of people I shouldn't be taking care of.
Some people love Christmas because it represents the birth of Christ. I love my God more than anything but December isn't actually Christ's birth. Plus I don't celebrate the birth of the Christ by buying presents for everyone I know.
So, Christmas has never been that exciting for me.
I never really looked forward to it.
This year, I get to spend Christmas with the person I love the most.
I get to make memories I will have for the rest of my life and be around great people in a place that I love.
So, for once, I am excited.
And happy.

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