Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small Town Feel

I haven't been blogging the last few days, and for that, I apologize.
I drove from southern California to Eugene, Oregon.
Since then I have been in a fury of unpacking, sleeping, and Christmas shopping.
BUT, that is no excuse!
So here I am, blogging again...

I had gotten pretty used to living in the big city.
(L.A. area)
I learned to not go out at night by myself.
I learned how to drive aggressively.
I learned how to navigate around places I don't know.

I learned how to live on my own and make my own decisions.
Coming back to a small town, I've realized what I still haven't learned...

How to avoid people

Now, if you are my friend and you are reading this,
just because I haven't seen you yet
does not mean I don't want to see you.

It just means that I have been really busy
and honestly I just need a little time to relax

haven't done that in a while

Also, on a different note,
Brock has recently decided to go with the comb-over mullet

If you happen to see him, tell him to cut his hair.
He will probably read this, I love you Brock! :)

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