Sunday, December 5, 2010

Melting Pot

Let's take a glance at this weekend...

I could argue that the best thing that happened this weekend was this....

Meet Marshello
the marshmallow
You can see his brother here

Anyway, this weekend has been a crazy one as far as my thoughts
It is the Sunday night before dead week
I have more to do then I think is possible to do
But there are also really exciting things to look forward to after these next two weeks
things inspiring me.
I hope that where ever you are in your life right now,
that you have something to look forward to
Something that makes you excited

Here are some things that excite me:

16 hour drive home

A cute boyfriend

Getting to see my brother more

The frost on grass



MAC makeup

Seeing Brock's family

Forgetting about school and classes and homework

True friends

Hot Starbucks on a cold day




What makes you excited?

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