Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sippin Martinelli's

was a nice day
Brock had a Christmas party with his extended family and it was great.
I put together my whole outfit around my boots today and yesterday.
Maybe, but I'm okay with it.

Brock's little cousin Ellen is 19 months old
and also happens to be the cutest girl ever.
I wish I had a picture so I could share the cuteness.
The best part about today was watching her romp around like it's no one's business.

But, today also marks a sad day.... Christmas officially being over.
Why is it gone so fast??
It also poured down rain today, in honor of the end of the Christmas spirit.

The good news is I get to go to the last game at Mac Court
And to a Blazer game
AND to the Nike employee store and Urban Outfitters.
So many things to be excited for!
I will give you an update on what I end up with after the trip to Portland, which will hopefully happen next week.

Also, as I am blogging, I'm also watching Twilight.
Harry Potter is better.
And Martinelli's are the best.
That is all.

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