Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feather head

Yup, I got the haircut that I have been wanting and whining about for so long.
Here's how it all went down...
I told Cassie who cut my hair. She's really cute too that I wanted bangs again. And I wanted my hair to be healthy. so goodbye split ends Otherwise, I trusted her. She gave me bangs and layers like I've never had before! I was always afraid of layers because I have had some baaaaad ones. 
But it was just what I wanted.
Take a looky!

 Um, in case you didn't notice, I got some more feathers too :)

 Brock took this, and I think he was proud that he caught that face, so I'm posting it just for him.  
You're welcome Brock.

Today Brock and I have just been hanging out. It's been a lot of fun.
I worked the last two days and it felt sooooo good to sleep in. Until twelve. Oops.
We went out to lunch and then to the mall. We shopped around and I got some amazing deals from the Gap. 40% off clearance? What the what!
And now we are just relaxing at home reading our magazines we got and blogging.
Brock got a rap magazine. My cute little gangster.
I will leave you with this picture of Brock pretending to eat Bentley's excess back skin, and Bentley is ignoring him.

Have a great day!

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