Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creepy Carousel

Today I called the people renting the house that I fell in love with and found out it is already taken. Tear.
I was a little lot heartbroken. 
BUT, I have high hopes we will find a better place. 
So, instead we just went to Red Robin and took a load off.
Only problem was there was this scary carousel horse staring my down the whole time.

Oh, and in case you forgot what my cute boyfriend looks like...

So I'm going to give you the next ten of my Olive Facts!
I know you have been wondering what they are. Stressing out. Losing sleep. Well wait no longer!

11. I hate it when people touch my toenails, their toenails, or talk about toenails.
12. I am in love with the smell when you blow out a match or candle.
13. I am 5'1" just a baby
14. I want to live in Hawaii and lay on the beach everyday. Forever. And Ever.
15. My stomach makes really loud noises at awkward times so I tell everyone there's a dinosaur in there.
16. I watch Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Sometimes I think I know what it's like to have kids just because I watch it so much. How embarrassing.
17. I also watch Storage Wars. Equally as embarrassing.
18. I have this love/hate relationship with exercise. 
19. I turn into the Hulk if I'm not fed regularly. True story. Happened today. Sorry Brock.
20. I played soccer for 8475845 years and half the time I was on a co-ed team. And I broke a guy's arm in a game.

Tell me about you!


  1. storage wars is the best!

  2. I watch Ghost Adventures and Lockdown regularly. I don't eat fish, in fact, they scare me. I am really really bad at Call Of Duty. I have too many dogs. I am obsessed with The Golden Girls.

    That is all.

  3. I'm in your baby club too, coming in at a whopping 5'2" :) I also watch Teen Mom & have been known to "stop changing the channels" when I get to storage wars.

  4. I only dream about joining the baby club..being around 5'8". I suppose it's not horrible, but it does put me on eye level with a good number of guys.
    I rarely watch TV. However, when I do, I watch Glee.

  5. Ha ha. I've never heard of most of those tv shows. I watch Lawrence Welk! Guess my age.

  6. I'm 5'1" too!! Short people are more fun. :-)



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