Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chicken scratch

 I love handwriting.
Everyone's. Almost.
There is something so fun about seeing the way a person's hand naturally writes. How we all scribble down the same letters from the same alphabet, yet they all look so different. How does that happen??
I love writing notes to people. Taking time to hand-write something means so much more then quickly typing up an email and sending it with the click of a mouse. Writing things by hand shows time. Care.  P.S. I'd make a great pen pal.
I have something to tell you, that I have tried to keep a secret for a long time. Brace yourself.
It is hard to keep it a secret, frankly.
My handwriting sucks.
Not just sucks, uber-sucks.
It is so bad. So sloppy. Not the cute intentional sloppy, but the ugly sloppy.
And if I had three wishes, I might just spend one on having beautiful handwriting. After I get Carrie Underwood's voice, of course.
Here is some handwriting I am jealous of:

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How is your handwriting?
What would you spend your wishes on?

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