Sunday, February 13, 2011

100 Olive Facts: the beginning.

Well, my friends, I was just thinking.
I don't know some of you. And you only know what I've told you.
So let's share a bit about ourselves, shall we?
I am going to start giving random facts about myself. I would LOVE it if you commented and gave me facts about you. Then before we know it, we'll all be best friends!
If you want to do it yourself on your own blog, just pretty please put a link to mine on the post!
Feel free to share anything. This is a safe circle. What is said in the blog stays in the blog.

Here are my first ten facts:

1. I grew up out in the country. Ya'll come back now.
2. I thought I was a boy until I was in 7th grade. Okay, not literally, but if you saw pictures you would know what I'm sayin.
3. I have one older brother who is too smart for his own good. I hope he buys me a house one day.
4. I went to Disneyland probably 45 times in 2010.
5. I hate cheese. Hate. HATE.
6. I had a cat with a Hitler mustache.
7. If I were a boy my parents would have named me Hunter. I'd much much rather be Olive.
8. I have been dating my cute boyfriend for over two years.
9. I dance in the car way too much. People stare more when you're alone. 
10. I want to have three kids. Two boys, one girl. The boys will be older and beat the crap outta anyone who messes with my girl.
And here are some pictures of a younger Olive:

 Just a wee little baby.

Slightly older with a waaay cool sweater.

Always loved Taco Bell. Always will. 

Big balling in my tall-T playin football. Gangster, I know.
Tell me something awesome about you!


  1. Good idea! Heres my facts. I'll do ten since thats how many you did.

    1. I am way too addicted to soda.
    2. I used to be OBSESSED with pickles, then I got pregnant, and I really dont care for them anymore. Weird?
    3. I have a 4 month old daughter named Meah.
    4. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years in July.
    5. I absolutely love scrapbooking.
    6. I have 1 real sister and 1 real brother, 2 half sisters, 1 half brother, 2 step sisters, 3 sister in laws, and 1 brother in law. Love it.
    7. I have over 25 (first) cousins.
    8. I am obsessed with nail polish. I have way too much for my own good.
    9. Me and my older sister have the same exact car, color and everything.
    10. I don't speak to my real dad.

    oh and BTW: My name is Samantha, nice to meet you :)

  2. Oh man. I love the font on your comments!

    Hi, Olive! Hi, Samantha!

    I'm Kait.

    Okay, first ten facts about me:

    1. I have a 5 year old read ear slider turtle, Red Warrior. He looks like a grumpy old man.
    2. I like to tell people I'm a coffee addict -- because I am -- my sister and I have a pot a day average each (not always, but often) of real black coffee.
    3. I listen to a ton of Mountain Goats and what itunes considers to be contemporary folk music. (M.ward, Scout Niblett, Suzanne Vega, Laura Marling, Kings of Convenience, etc)
    4. I am a fashion student that almost went into zoology instead (or social work). I love the zoo as much if not more than I love shoes. :D
    5. I absolutely love dark chocolate and milk chocolate is alright.
    6. Sometimes I wish I had a tail.
    7. I am a perpetual daydreamer.
    8. I just turned 21 this week and had a classy birthday at an Italian restaurant with my family.
    9. Stranger than Fiction is my favorite movie and one of the very few I could watch over and over again.
    10. I make jewelry; I sell it too :). I am currently in the works setting up a shop.

    I think that I'll post my consecutive facts on my blog as well. Then we'll have an awesome ring of getting to know you going around.

  3. Hello Olive!

    My name is Kaelyn. :)

    1. My passion is photography, although I rarely take pictures of myself or family for no reason.
    2. I actually LOVE water and hate soda.
    3. I'm one of the few people out there that honestly spends as much of my spare money as possible on traveling.
    4. My boyfriend is my best friend and we've been together 3 1/2 years.
    5. I watch my Disney movies more than regular movies.
    6. I experience really bad social anxiety, but you'd never know it.
    7. I've seen Devo in concert! (WIN)
    8. The second thing I'm best at (after photography) is playing Dr. Mario
    9. Practically none of my clothes are the same size, yet somehow they pretty much all fit.
    10. I honestly think everyone's beautiful in their own fabulous way.

  4. Hello Olive!

    My name is Aman , n its the first time i hav come across ua blog.. i m kinda glued to it..
    so here's mah list

    1. I just had break up.!! :-( (so on v day i m all alone) :-9

    2. I love making friends
    3. I have bought a guitar just a few days ago.. i dunn even knw how to hold it.. :-p
    4. I feel everyone has unique talents in them and we shuould respect everyone
    5. I loved reading you blog..
    6. I have two li'l Sisters and both are darling to me (though we fight alot :-p )
    7. I have never been abroad (mean out of India)
    8. I, recently , developed a hobby of photography
    9. I think I sing well :-p
    10. I am cluless what to write in the last point.. ;-)

    It was nice to know Olive
    Cheers, Stay Smiling like ---> :-)

  5. Sam, Kait, Kaelyn, and Aman,
    Thanks for sharing! I really loved learning about you guys. It is great meeting new people. I have a lot in common with each of you!
    You guys are theeee best. Of the best.

  6. Here are my 10 facts:

    1. I ALSO grew up in the country - had every animal you could imagine!
    2. I've worked in professional sports for 6 years now
    3. I secretly (ok, well it's not really a secret) wish I lived in the south... I am obsessed with all things "southern".
    4. I paint my nails about every 3-4 days... I haven't had bare nails in about year! It's a lot of work :-/
    5. I LOVE food, so much that I'm kinda obsessed with it! I swear my life revolves around it!
    6. My perfect night is a movie and a glass (or two, or three...) of wine.
    7. I met my boyfriend at a holiday party where we stayed up until 6am having a dance party!
    8. I have a dream to construct my own darkroom someday!
    9. I hate coffee.
    10. My parents almost named me Heidi... I'm so glad they decided against that one!


  7. Hello Olive.

    Your blog is just great!
    Also, I wanted to say, it's super cute that both the names that were picked out for you are shades of green. It's adorable.

    Have a great day!


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