Saturday, February 26, 2011

House Hunting

BOY did I get my basketball fix this weekend.
I went with the boys to Portland to watch the Blazers and the Nuggets.
Probably the most amazing game I've ever seen. Overtime. Blazers won. 
Chalupas all 'round!

Plus this guy did the half-court shot contest. One-handed. LEFT-handed. No running start. He made it. I have no clue how.
Then today I went to the Oregon and Standford game. 
The Ducks lost. Nothing new there.

Why do I never look at the camera in these pictures? What am I looking at? Look at the camera, Olive! The camera!
It's been so fun just hanging out and doing stuff with my cute boyfriend.
Except he lost his voice and the poor guy sounds like he's 70 years old.

Our trip to Portland for the game was an eventful one.
Remember how I was going to go to Paul Mitchell?
Well, I know someone who goes there now. She gave me a tour and told me about how it would be the biggest mistake ever to go there.
Good lookin out!
So, needless to say, I won't be going there. Duh.
By the way, it was so amazing to get all the support from you guys! All your word of encouragement help me more then you know. 
Awww soo much love between me and you!
Most likely I will be staying in Eugene and going to school for now.
Which meeeeanns, Brock and I are looking at houses to rent tomorrow!
I may or may not have bought a whole ton of furniture prematurely when we went to Portland yesterday.
What's it to ya?
I hope you all are prepared for me posting waaay too many pictures of our new place and my feeble attempt at decorating. 
Remind me to get a hammock like this:
Really though, it wouldn't fit into my vintage/eclectic theme, but that's okay, right?
Of course it is.
Any decorating ideas??


  1. Decorating ideas? Get the hammock. That thing is amazing, I'm mentally figuring out how to fit it in my basement as we speak. I think that it's actually the size of my basement.

  2. OMG get that hammock. GET IT! I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! And that apartment in the picture is cool in general. Too bad you can't go to the Vidal Sassoon beauty school in Ventura. It's considered really good. That's where I know a few people who went.


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