Monday, February 7, 2011

dat dang mortifying monday

Today I worked the slowest day ever at my work.
Like slower than slow. 
Only two people came into work today and they were both gone by 3 in the afternoon.
Then came three long hours of me in the store all by myself listening to Shakira's She Wolf
It was ugly, people. 
The good news is I am home in my pajamas now. And I can hear Brock and his dad making deals with each other downstairs while they play monopoly.
Why didn't I play? Uhhh... I did. Britton and I got out a while ago, and I wasn't going to stick around while they fight to the death.
So anyway, on another note, I have been having fun with my makeup lately.  
Probably because I spent a bunch of money on new makeup...or something.

P.S. I'm cutting all that hair tomorrow! 
Okay, okay, not all of it.

And I found out, via my new job, that I love putting make-up on people! 
Except that one lady. The one who I am convinced is a witch doctor.
I am pretty content knowing that today is pretty much the worst that my job is going to get. I can handle that. Plus, usually it's a lot of fun!

On to the one and only, Mortifying Monday!
The time where Olive talks about embarrassing things. Let us begin...
When you see something on someone's mouth, and you can't help but lick your own lip in the same spot. They TOTALLY see you doing it and realize there is something on their lip. Now you wish you would have just told them. When random customers tell you waaaay too much personal information about their lives and families in a short period of time, leaving you to come up with some sort of polite response that also says, "stop talking." The flem in the back of my throat that will suddenly attack and make me do a violent short cough. Sometimes in people's faces.  When people introduce me as Brock's girlfriend, or Jodi's son's girlfriend. Do I have no identity?? When I swear someone has hidden my keys out of spite and they are in my hand or in my purse. How the freezing weather makes my face so dry that it is visible...and gross. Lady, don't pretend like you aren't looking at the dry skin on my nose. How I made the title of this blog "day dang mortifying monday." How there hasn't been toilet paper in this house all week. Paper towels are an itchy not a great substitution. 

Hope your Monday was wonderful!

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