Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hair woes

 Last night Brock and I went to Corvallis to visit our lovely friends.

I decided to curl my hair and dress up a little just for fun.
My friends TOLD me we were going to the Justin Bieber movie but they just took me to Wendy's.
What a sick, sick joke.
But we rented Dinner for Schmucks and I looove that movie.  
"People said to Van Gogh, 'You can't be a real artist, you only have one ear.' And what did he say? He said, 'I can't hear you.'"

But anyway, back to my hair.
I hardly ever curl my hair, because it never stays in. Ever.
It's like the volume is gone in an hour and it turns into flat, straight, strands of hair clumped together by the leftover hairspray.
Cute, right?
Does anyone else have problems styling their hair?
What do you do to make it better?

Speaking of hair, I want to do mine differently.
Like, everyday.
But I am not very good at it.
I think I would really benefit from being rich and having a hair stylist, but that's just me.
Joanna from A CUP OF JO seems to have it figured out:

She rocks the messy side pony.
I think if I did that people would think I just woke up.
What is your favorite way to style your hair?


  1. I can't pull off the messy look. Comes across too well...messy looking. LOL

    I love a high pony tail! Or a high bun!

  2. I know, right??
    I have never tried the high bun. It intimidates me!


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