Saturday, May 14, 2011

Verizon: the ultimate backstab.

Do any of you live in Oregon and have Verizon?

If so, you know that this morning was super lame.
From Albany to Roseburg the whole network was out!
How does that just happen??
Don't these people know that I have my daily texting routine to attend to??
Verizon has always been so good to me.
I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Well, good news people!
You can all breathe easy because our phones are finally working again and there were only a few deaths in the riots (kidding).
Do you ever think about how reliant you are on your phone?
It made me realize that my whole life revolves around communication.
I was even concerned I wouldn't be able to make the call to my work to see if they need me today.
I'm on call. 
Crazy! My life would be a chaotic and in shambles without my phone.

Maybe one day I will throw my phone in a lake and run off into the wilderness where there is no communication with the outside world. 

Until then, glad to have you back cute little iphone :)

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  1. The other day, I was tempted to put all the phones in our house under the tire of my van, run them over, back over them, and repeat. I am so dependent on my phone that when it doesn't act like I want it to or isn't where it should be, my crazy life feels out of control. Rediculous....I would love to through mine in a lake also. :o)


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