Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hot New Wheels

I. Got. A. Bike!

If you know me, you know that I like to spend every summer complaining about how I have never had my own bike, how I long to go on bike rides, and that I want someone to give me a bike for free.
So I finally came to the realization that this free fantasy bike was stuck in fantasy land. More importantly, I was never going to receive it.
Sooo, with a little peer pressure from Brock, I bought a bike!

This is it:
I'm in love with it.
I love vintage things and this is pretty much everything I could ever ask for. 
I wish I had some real pictures of me riding around to show you, but Brock and I rode our bikes for a millisecond before is started pouring.
Thanks a lot Oregon.
So we will have to wait on the pictures of me cruising around on my Schwinn. 
Which, let me say, is a great workout.
Maybe it's the fact that I went hiking for the first time in ages the day before, or maybe it's just because I have little baby legs, but either way, my legs are kinda sore.
The last few days I haven't gone to the gym because I have opted to hike and ride around instead.
Makes me excited for summer!
And today is Brock's dad's birthday.
You know what that means.

Okay, you might not.
It means we are getting some Southern Home Cookin tonight and I will be putting on sweats as soon as I get home, and it's not so I can work out, but so I can give me food baby as much comfort as possible.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm so jealous! I want a cute little bike like this with one of those woven straw baskets. :)

  2. ahhh!! why do you live so far away? you could have been part of my bike gang!!! maybe you should just start a chapter up there and before you know it, we'll be nationwide!!

  3. I bike too! And get this, I ride my mom's '89 Schwinn touring bike. Talk about vintage stuff! But that bike is uh-may-zing. And I understand the whole rain thing. Ohio is the same way.

  4. Beautiful bike. Back in my day (73,000 years ago), that was considered a boy's bike. The girl's bike didn't have the bar from the seat to the handle bars, so we didn't have to swing our leg up and over and reveal our undies. Do they still make those?

  5. so pretty!
    i'd love a bike too, i haven't been on one in YEARS


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