Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scatter Brain

Just spent the night babysitting the ultimate baby.
He has a lot of hair and snores.
Baby Bentley.

You may laugh, but I swear he is just as needy as a real baby.
This morning I got to hang out with Bentley and then I brought lunch to my cute boyfriend while he worked.

I may have commandeered his glasses.
What makes today EVEN BETTER is the fact that I was on-call at work at they don't need me today! 
Consider my 17 day work streak officially broken!!

A little time off has given me the ability to finally clean the apartment.
Much. Needed.
Since I pretty much like totally and completely took over the walk-in closet, Brock's clothes are basically everywhere. So we got these racks to hang his clothes so we finally have a clean room to enjoy. 

I may have done some stretches in there just because I actually had the space. And my thighs were tight. What's it to ya.

Also, here tonight Brock has a basketball game so I get to go cheer him on and play paparazzi

I secretly like it.
He is so cute. 

Speaking of Brock being cute, here is a picture of when we went to the play Wicked which was amazing and he looked soooooo cute all dressed up.

What a handsome guy!

Aaaaand, that is officially the most irrelevant and random post I've ever done.


  1. tell us what your new job is!!!
    i'm so excited to hear!
    i thought you loved the salon?

  2. My new job is at Victoria's Secret :) I love it so far. I still work at the salon so I'm just working a whoooole lot.

  3. You and your boyfriend are so precious! I'm jealous :)

  4. how cute is that little dog!
    just found your blog and love love love it.
    new follower.



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