Friday, June 17, 2011

Coastal Adventures

How was your Friday?
Mine was awesome. No work!
Great day with my friend Genii
Not to be confused with the more common "Jenny"
We decided last minute to drive to the coast. 
Because we could.

I have missed her waaay too much. Between me moving to California and her going to Oregon State, we definitely haven't seen enough of each other.

It was awesome to catch up and see the sun.
Do you see it? The sun? In Oregon?? Unheard of.

I'm thoroughly content with the day.
I even discovered peach redbulls from Dutch Bro's for the first time.
Plus my belly is full of saltwater taffy.
Did I mention I'm trying to eat healthy? About that....
Not to mention I came home to a new Swamp People on my DVR.

Startin this weekend off right!


  1. hahaha, you like swamp people!? my dad loves that show, and i find is hilarious :)

  2. i could use some beach right now!


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