Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camp Creek

Did you know it's summer?
It has actually looked a little like summer outside here in Oregon.
Of course, that may not last for long.
But it is a far cry from the summers that I used to have as a kid.

I revisited my youth the other day. And by that, I mean I visited my elementary school.
I grew up in a tiny, close-knit country community. 
There were a total of 80 kids in my entire elementary school.
I feel like growing up in an environment where I got one-on-one attention and was surrounded by a community that was more like a family to me, all contributed to who I am today.
I visited because this year the school is closing down due to budget cuts.
It is sad because I would want nothing less for my kids then to have an experience like I had when I was young.
It is so sad!
I kinda want to link arms around the school in protest.  

Also, on a side note, one of my best friends from Camp Creek is getting married in exactly one month!
When did we grow up?
Now we all have jobs and responsibilities and boyfriends and apartments and cars and bills and fiances!
I think we are still Camp Creekers at heart.

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  1. seriously! Growing up is great, but nothing beats four square, tether ball, and soccer practice out front. Oh, and dont forget singing camp songs at the top of our lungs in the old Bronco on the way home from practice! :)


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