Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here I go, back to the old blogging routine. How many times have I tried this now? Too many to count. I think I will try a little harder this time though. Try not to give up on me from the get-go.
So, I get confused when I think about the word "home" these days.
It's where the heart is right? My heart is in love with this:And yet, yesterday I felt the first raindrop on my face in months and it made me smile. SMILE. What is wrong with me? Was 18 years of wet torture not enough?
I'm a sick person.

But I can't help but miss it just a little...So, to be completely honest, I think I have multiple homes. I'm torn between two states.
The good news is I love living in California and I get to visit Oregon in a few weeks.
It's a rough life I have, getting the best of both worlds.

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